Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks – They Rob You of Your Life

It’s time to stop these thieves in their tracks…

To take back your life and sense of wellbeing…

You are being locked out of your own existence…

Let Me Give You Back the Keys.

Dear Friend,

Are you aware that, stress, anxiety, and panic attacks are increasing at an alarming rate in Australia.  And the victims are none other than ordinary people like you and me . It’s a fact that biology reflects   the benefits of  stress on human body, such as boosting our strength during situations, when it’s much needed and pressurizing us enough to be able to bring out our very best.

Unfortunately though, over-stress and anxiety are on the rise and that is why many people – perhaps even you – are suffering. Being a Naturopath, I meet several people everyday, that are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and over-stress.

If you are the one,  experiencing all or any of the following emotional symptoms:

• Irritability or a short fuse
• Frequent Mood Fluctuations
• Agitation and inability to relax
• Feeling overwhelmed
• Feeling isolated and lonely
• Feeling Depressed
• Frequent Unhappiness

If you experience all or any of the following cognitive symptoms:

• Forgetfulness or Memory problems
• Inability to concentrate
• Frequent negative feelings and not being positive.

• Being Worried all the times
• Anxious, racing thoughts
• Poor judgement

If you experience all or any of the following physical symptoms:

• Bowel problems such as constipation or diarrhea
• Body ache’s

• Dizziness
• Nausea
• Rapid heartbeat
• Chest pain
• Lack of sex drive
• Frequent colds and flu

And if you experience all or any of the following behavioural symptoms:

• Eating disorders, such as over or under eating
• Sleeping disorders, such as sleeping less or over sleeping

• Alienating yourself from others
• Addiction to alchohol, drugs, and smoking
• Nervousness signs such as nail biting or pacing.
• Neglecting or procrastinating your responsibilities…

…chances are, you could be suffering from over-stress or anxiety. And if you suffer from any of the above on a regular basis, now is the time for you to act, and regain control of your life again!

Now, before I show you how you can do that with scientifically-proven methods, I need to explain to you…

…The difference between stress and anxiety

Contrary to popular belief, there is actually a significant difference between stress and anxiety.

Stress is a natural mind-body function that transpires when we recognise a situation that upsets our body’s natural balance. Think about a time when you accidentally sleep more and come to the realization that you’ve overslept by half an hour, and may possibly be late for work.

That panic within you, that stomach churning, and that racing heartbeat that you begin to experience are symptoms of stress. But it only happens because of a stressor – which, in this case, is the fact that you overslept. Once the power of that stressor disappears, for instance when you realize that you won’t be late after all, the symptoms of the stress disappear too

And when that happens, You start feeling better!

This is an example of stress, in which you experience the symptoms directly resulting from a stressor – a situation that causes stress symptoms.

Stressors may trigger stress and anxiety, but in many situations you may suffer from the discomfort of anxiety when there is actually no external stressor.  Yes, you heard it right!  And that happens when your body cannot distinguish between a real or imagined threat, which is why you can experience stress symptoms, even when the threat isn’t real.

Now, Do You Know, What is the biggest problem with anxiety and over-stress?

Anxiety and over-stress, both result in stress symptoms, and unfortunately can often cause health problems. These can include:

• Any sort of pain (headaches, back pain, migraines, etc.)
• Depression
• Heart disease
• Digestive problems, e.g. indigestion
• Obesity
• Autoimmune diseases and infections
• Sleeping disorders, e.g. insomnia
• Skin conditions, e.g. eczema
• Type 2 Diabetes

And, here are some other interesting facts and statistics relating to stress and anxiety in Australia:

• $14.82 Billion – Yes, that’s the estimated amount of money, that workplace stress, costs the Australian workforce
(Source: “The Cost of Workplace Stress in Australia 2008” Medibank Private)

• 3.2 days per worker are lost annually due to workplace stress.
(Source: “The Cost of Workplace Stress in Australia 2008” Medibank Private)

• 1 in 3 Australians are found to be suffering from stress.
(Source: Anti-Depression Association of Australia)

• 51% of people that were surveyed in the Blackmores Sleep Survey attribute their insomnia to stress.
(Source: Blackmores)

• About 10% of Australians will be affected by anxiety disorders at some point in their lives.
(Source: Mindframe Media)

• The more stress you experience, the more likely you are to experience depression.
(Source: Professor Robert Sapolsky, Stanford University)

• Depression is the 4th leading cause of disability worldwide.
(Source: World Health Organization)

Now,When You've Made Yourself Aware of the Problems Related to Over-Stress and Anxiety, The Question is, If There is A Natural and Permanent Remedy to Overcome Stress and Anxiety

The Answer is: YES

It’s Actually Possible to Overcome Over-Stress and Anxiety, and surprisingly it’s all down to you!

Yes, You Heard it Right!

It’s All Down To You!

Despite the fact that at times you may believe that your stress and anxiety levels are out of your control, and the symptoms are unbearable, you can always control the way you respond to threats – whether they are real or imagined!

The key to managing stress is to take control of:

Your thinking
Your emotions
Your environment
Your schedule
The way you deal with problems you encounter

And when you actually start doing that, you will actually see yourself liberating from the prison of stress and anxiety that is putting a dampener on your life!

One way to do so and to unleash the power of science and mind-body therapy, is through a ground-breaking program that I am about to uncover very soon.

First though, here are some cold, hard scientific facts on the power of Mind-Body Therapy in helping people overcome stress and anxiety

The Department of Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical College conducted a study called, “Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder”. The study reflected, ” Significant reductions in anxiety and depressive symptoms from baseline to the end of treatment.” While concluding the study, the researchers attested to the fact that : “MBCT may be an acceptable and potentially effective treatment for reducing anxiety and mood symptoms and increasing awareness of everyday experiences in patients with generalised anxiety disorder (GAD).”


Clinical studies have shown that MBCT reduced insomnia symptoms in people suffering from anxiety disorders.


Research has indicated that those who use meditative (mindful) practices have a greater sense of self-esteem and experience reduced neurotic feelings. In clinical trials, the MBCT patients experienced a reduction in dependence on substances such as caffeine, alcohol, prescription medication and illegal drugs to deal with stress.

Mind therapy is strongly based upon meditation, but on the whole it helps people to focus on the present, so they can get control of negative thinking and stressful thoughts that can bring about the symptoms of stress and anxiety, and effect positive outcomes.

Mind therapy is used across a wide range of arenas, from sporting and corporate, right through to the medical world.

And through the Freedom from Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks Package, you can experience the power of Mind Therapy to get control of your life!

The Freedom from Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks Package is one of the world’s most effective mind therapy tools to help you overcome stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Designed by one of the most cutting-edge mind-body practitioners out there, this package is especially for those, who want a permanent solution to stress and anxiety.

So who is the man behind the package?

His name is Dr. Emmett Miller, a medical doctor and pioneer in the field of Mind Therapy. He is at the forefront of the mind-body movement and is a physician and a mathematician with a spiritually rich background. He understands more than anybody how the mind and body work together to create complete health, wellbeing and harmony.

Here are some important facts about who Dr. Miller is:

He is a graduate from the prestigious Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
He was a lecturer and preceptor at The University of California and Stanford University.
In the late 1960’s, he became one of the world’s first holistic physicians, specialising in the medicine of mind, body, emotion and spirit.
In 1977 he became well-known internationally as a founder and Director of the Cancer Support and Education Centre – the second patient-oriented self-help centre in the world, and the first to offer training programs and internships in this brand new field.
He invented and developed the very first deep relaxation and guided imagery intro audio cassettes and his tapes and CD’s are widely prescribed by the medical fraternity – including the Mayo Clinic, athletes, business people, performers and even the US Olympic Track and Field Team.
Though the many books he has written – including the ground-breaking, “Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind/Body Medicine”– and his own practice, he has helped thousands of patients – including stress and anxiety sufferers – restore their health and wellbeing.

Here is what some of Dr. Miller's patients and
medical peers are saying about his work!

“Dr. Miller’s unshakable faith in the potential of everyone to obtain balance, coupled with his considerable finesse when applying techniques from a variety of disciplines, allows him to address the full range of issues that individuals face in the world today. His genuine caring nature, love, and respect for humans and their condition creates a safe and compassionate atmosphere for any form of self-exploration and change to occur. I admire Emmett Miller and have benefited greatly both personally and professionally from my association with him.”
– Shirley R. Fuller, Ph.D.

“To feel good is our human heritage. Dr. Miller shows us how to do this.”
– Virginia Satir, Creator of the Field of Family Therapy

“How very fortunate I feel to have discovered your beautiful work. It was my very first experience with meditation, and it saved my life. I began using it as a tool when I taught stress management techniques in a dual diagnostic unit for patients with psychiatric illnesses and substance abuse. I wish to thank you for your gift—from the bottom of my heart.”
– Lynn Marcotte, R.N., B.S.N., L.M.T.

“I started using the tapes with my patients, and it was a natural extension to use them with Olympic athletes. We had nothing but positive feedback.”
– Jim Reardon, Ph.D., Sports Psychologist for U.S. Olympic Team

“My agoraphobia kept me in my house for two years. Three days after receiving your tapes I was going out as if there had never been a problem.”
– Grace Mitchell, Peoria, IL

And The Good News Is….
Dr. Miller can help you too, to Unshackle yourself from the prison of
stress and anxiety through the "Freedom from Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks Package"

As I told you before, the power to overcome stress and anxiety lies within you! It’s all about how you control your thoughts, your situation, your schedule and your life, to overcome stress and anxiety

Through the “Freedom from Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks Package,” Dr. Miller will help you tap your infinite source of inner power to conquer stress and anxiety completely.

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Abolish Anxiety: With Abolish Anxiety, Dr. Miller has created the ultimate self-healing program for anxiety, worry and panic. Comprised of two discs (or MP3 files if you prefer instant download), disc one is a heart-to-heart talk from Dr. Miller, where he offers a completely new perspective on what anxiety is. Then in the second disc, you will experience a series of guided imagery experiences to kick-start your mind and body to heal itself of all forms of stress. This program in effect reprograms your deeper mind and nervous system for permanent healing from stress and anxiety. Check out a sample with the audio pane below…




Letting Go of Stress: In what is considered to be the world’s most popular stress management audio, you’ll be exposed to a variety of guided imagery and deep relaxation experiences that will literally eradicate stress and all it’s symptoms. In addition to the magic of Dr. Miller’s words, you’ll be captivated by the accompanying music, composed by the acclaimed musician, Dr. Stephen Halpern. Discover the four relaxation and stress reduction techniques: progressive relaxation, autogenic self-suggestion, muscle tension release and creative visualization. A must for any healing library, and essential for your transformation from stress and anxiety! Listen and experience a bit of it NOW…



10 Minute Stress Manager: Discover the ultimate relaxation right now; wherever you are with this incredible audio that has proven itself over and over again. Used by executives, business people, athletes, students, performers and others short on time to relax, 10 Minute Stress Manager shows you, how to quickly relieve tension and relax after stress. Discover how to refocus and energize yourself – to achieve. Used by the US Olympic Team and sure to be a winner with you too. Listen here right now…


Stress Fitness Vol. 1: Discover how stress functions in your life through this conversational, heart-to-heart audio from Dr. Miller. Learn why Selective Awareness is a great stress management tool, which provides relief from pain and other symptoms. Find out how it also helps in your permanent healing and recovery from stress and anxiety. Use the techniques taught in this audio to develop new and positive ways to deal with life’s challenges and overcome stress. Click below to listen to a sample…


Stress Fitness Vol. 2: Stress Fitness Vol. 2 is a companion to Stress Fitness Vol. 1, and covers Stress, Addiction and Dependency and Harnessing Stress for Performance. Find out exactly why stress exists and how you can master it for your own good. Discover also how to make stress work for you in a positive way.  Essential listening in your transformation from stress and anxiety to life! Take a sneak peek now by listening to a sample below!


Anxiety and Phobia Workbook: Master your anxiety and phobias once and for all with proven-to-work techniques outlined in this ground-breaking book! Dr. Miller provides you with step-by-step directions to help you get total control over anxiety. The topics covered include relaxation, exercise, coping with panic, exposure, overcoming negative self-talk, changing mistaken beliefs, visualization, self-esteem, nutrition, medication, meditation techniques and anxiety-triggering health conditions. It’s a must-read on your journey to healing!

Freeing Yourself from Fear: As hard to believe as it may sound, the fear response is actually a learned human habit. The truth of the matter is that fear is in the mind. Through what you learn in this audio, you will discover a technique that will help you reduce or eliminate fear altogether. It’s time to let go of fear and embrace your life – and Dr. Miller will show you how it’s done on this exciting audio. Listen now!


Launching Your Day: Get every day off to a positive start with this simple, eyes-opening meditation to prepare you for calm and control. Dr. Emmett Miller will help you attune to your deepest values, then gradually help you to energise yourself as you enjoy words of self-affirmation and wisdom. Enjoy the same peace state you enjoy during sleep, while you’re busy going about your day and achieving so much – it is possible! Listen to a sample below!



Dr. Miller's approach draws upon the proven-to-work scientific techniques that have resulted in positive outcomes across the world! There's no wonder, that tons of people in the medical world are embracing this new and exciting way of dealing with stress and anxiety.

Your mind and body really possess the power to heal which you will discover when you experience the Freedom from Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks Package for yourself!

And the good news is that you can use the programs in the package with current anti-anxiety medication that you may be consuming. The mind-therapy programs included in the package are completely safe to use, and I always rely on this package to help treat my own anxiety patients.

Anxiety, Stress, and Panic Attacks are Really Going Viral Globally Resulting in Tons of People Committing Suicide, Losing Hope in Life, and Going into Depression

Don’t Let Yourself and Your Loved Ones Become an Unfortunate Victim of This Enemy of Mankind

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Putting the Brakes on Anxiety Attacks … removing the grips of this
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Managing the Stress of Life: A stress-free life really is possible
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Mastering Time…making the most of every minute!!: Don’t ever
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Pull your own Strings… HOW TO GAIN TOTAL CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE: Stress and anxiety can really disempower you and leave you with feelings of complete overwhelm. Don’t experience those horrible feelings ever again and learn how to grab the wheel of your life once again. This e-book shows you how to manage the many challenges of work and home life – and still stay smiling and in control!

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To your optimum health and wellbeing,

George Parker, N.D.
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