Weight Loss Solution Suite




Permanent Weight Loss – Permanent Weight Loss offers a way to take charge of your mind and train your nervous system to use the powerful set of tools of deep relaxation and guided imagery. With these tools, you can take charge of your emotions, your behavior and your body, and guide them to support your losing weight – and keeping it off forever.

Imagine Yourself Slim – Several different deep relaxation/guided imagery experiences teach you how to relax thoroughly, create the positive image you want your body to achieve and visualize the pounds falling away. This serves to imprint this image in your deeper mind, where eating behavior begins. A new way to enjoy food and reward yourself. A perfect companion to any exercise/dietary plan.

Easing into Sleep – Discover how you can make a difference through passion, compassion and love. In your heart is the future of our planet; learn how to empower your mental imagery to serve your most deeply held values. Experience the wisdom of the ages wedded to cutting-edge mind-body and peak performance technology.

10-Minute Stress Manager – This little jewel has proven itself time and again with businesspeople, students, performers, athletes, and others who have little time to find the relaxation they vitally need. Learn to quickly relieve tension and wind down after a stressful period by focusing your energy and attention.

Serenity Prayer – All behaviors are based on decisions made by the deeper mind. Use this beautiful tape every day, while you drive, to choose your wisest behavior. You will hear affirmations to enable you to access the serenity to accept what you cannot change, and the courage to confront and change what you can change.

I Am: Awakening Self-Acceptance – This deeply moving and enlightening program will help you go beyond the superficial, egocentric attraction and avoidance behaviors of the superficial self to a greater awareness of the Self (with a capital “Self”), a deeper sense of who you really are. As you explore this crucial step in the enhancement of your Self esteem, you will find this program offers you two most enjoyable kinds of listening experiences.


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