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This recording was made in cooperation with track coach and physical fitness counselor Mike Spino. He is the author of several books on fitness and running.

Note: These guidelines are suggestions rather than rules. As you become more expert you will develop your own best way to use this CD.
Use this part once or twice a day for one or two weeks before an event. As you listen, you will personalize it by inserting the details of your own sport. Once the experience is stored, your deeper mind will do the rest.

Part B: Winning Your Event. The winning runner has a mental image of his chest breaking the tape, while a batter in a slump will usually picture himself striking out. The exercise in Part B helps you create the most positive self-image possible and mentally rehearse a successful event.

Once you’ve mastered the exercise, practice walking or stretching as you listen, while maintaining the same concentration you developed when listening without moving.

Listen once or twice daily until you are able to enter the same mental state without the CD. Then, use the exercise for ten to twenty minutes at a time at least three times a week, with or without the CD, throughout your entire training.

Part A: Mental Concentration. The ability to focus mental attention is an attribute of all winners. In this part, you will learn a method of meditation based on Zen disciplines. It is designed to develop your ability to empty your mind of distractions. With a clear mind, you can maintain a strong focus on your goal and maximize your chances for success.

As you listen to this CD, you will gain insights and skills. Beautiful music and nature sounds, together with the most advanced methods of personal mastery, will improve your chances of success and increase the pleasure of competing. Welcome to the path to Peak Performance!
The techniques presented on this CD have been proven effective by world champions. Deep Relaxation helps you gain access to your full potential. Mental focusing and image rehearsal, known as “the Master Skill” by professional and world-class performers, will help you self-program the highest levels of achievement you desire.

Whatever your sport – marathon, sprint, basketball, tennis, golf – this CD can show you how to focus your energy and achieve your goal. Thousands of top athletes have found that the key to success is a strong, positive self-image – and a clear mental image of winning. Run to Win gives you this key.

© Emmett Miller MD, 1985
Part B – Winning Your Event
Part A – Mental Concentration
Program Peak Performance the way Olympic Athletes do!

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