I Can: Achieving Self-Empowerment


I CAN will introduce you to a fascinating toolkit of powerful, effective techniques for creating self-empowerment, enhancing self-respect, and amplifying motivation.


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Your starting point is a felt sense of connection with your deeper Self (such as you may have experienced using the “I AM” or “Inner Child Healing” programs). You will discover a most useful approach in the two Heart-to-Heart talks by Dr. Miller, and then apply it, through two deep relaxation and guided imagery experiences – one deep and probing, the other shorter, for daily use. You will learn about:

  • Self-empowerment – its importance in your life
  • how childhood experiences create or inhibit it
  • the important relationship between Self-empowerment and Self-esteem
  • how you can restore the feeling of Self-respect and empowerment with which you were born.

The beautiful music that accompanies the visualizations and mental image rehearsal will help you embody your new understanding and Self-confidence.


I CAN is designed to enable you to learn and apply powerful tools for selecting your attitude-to live, to act, to approach life with greater confidence-and then to stand back and discover what has been the result of living your life with that attitude. You will adopt the winning attitude of Self-acceptance and Self-love, and gradually discover that your life and your work begin to reflect this attitude. This program will help you to develop further an awareness of your deeper Self – a part of you that goes beyond the fear, wants, envy, frustration, and egocentricity of the mind-made “self.” The Heart-to-Heart talks and the soothing imagery experiences have been created to guide you pleasurably to Self-acceptance and Self-confidence, to generate a high level of commitment, and to awaken a sense of excitement at the prospect of new challenges.

Track Information:

Track 1: I CAN, is a soothing journey to your inner safe place, where you will reaffirm your deepest values and sense of Self. Then you will review some of your past successes, no matter how small or big, and extract from them the potential you need to empower yourself in the present. You will learn to create a new internal biochemical state, one that will support the attitude that can produce success.

Track 2: The Daily Power Boost, is a brief but powerful imagery experience designed to support you in reinforcing your new attitude in just a few relaxing minutes each day.

Track 3: Self-Esteem/Self-Acceptance, is a drive-time Heart-to-Heart conversation that will show you how to achieve the all important attitude of Self-acceptance.

Track 4: More Ideas for Empowering Yourself is another Heart-to-Heart talk you can listen to as you drive or engage in other activities.  You will learn to use your Self-acceptance to empower you.

What you can expect from I CAN

  • Deepen your awareness of your personal potential and ability to succeed.
  • Discover how to empower yourself through developing a positive mental attitude.
  • Project your potential into your future.
  • Learn how to relax, reduce stress, and heal yourself on a daily basis.
  • Discover your spiritual center and the guidance it offers.
  • Re-experience the feelings of empowerment, competence and confidence you felt during those special moments in the past-when you were at your best.
  • Discover the common themes of your successes and become more aware of your most deeply held values.
  • Develop a database of powerful experiences that you can draw upon, whenever you want to re-evoke certain specific positive qualities in your life.

Listen to samples of I Can: Achieving Self-Empowerment!

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