Don't allow depression to rob you of your life,
your joy and your happiness for a second longer!

Free yourself from the prison of depression by getting your hands on the key to your freedom
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Dear Friend,

Studies indicate that depression affects a staggering number of 1 out of 5 Australians and guess what? Its effects are just as – if not – more debilitating than physical illnesses such as cancer. Attributed to stress, the feeling of committing a suicide and an overall ill feeling, depression is much more than mere unhappiness.

If you are actually suffering from it, you will admit that you have :

• Zero interest in the things you used to be enthusiastic about – your family, your friends, your work and your hobbies
• Empty feelings over a continuous period of time
• Chronic tiredness
• Sleeping disorders such as, getting up early in the morning or over sleeping
• Diminished sex drive
• Eating disorders – Under eating or Over eating
• Low self-esteem, i.e. the feeling of being useless
• Increased irritability or anger
• Feelings of worthlessness and guilt that just won’t quit
• Fear over things that happened in the past and what could happen in the future
• Fear of going crazy or insane
• Feelings of wanting to self-harm
• Inability to make decisions
• Thoughts of life is just not worth living

If all or any of that sounds like you, then there is no one better than you, who understands what it is like to be in depression.

And Now Your Presence on This Page Indicates Your Desire to Unlock ,
the Doors of Happiness and Free Yourself from This Prison of Depression, ,
Once and For All

You might already be on anti-depressant medication and even consulting a psychologist or psychotherapist for undergoing a therapy to get rid of depression.

Perhaps you’re even doing a combination of the two.

Either way, you’re just not happy with where you are at right now.

You know the daily darkness – almost Groundhog Day type of experience – and you want it to just be good again.
You want to get out of that revolving doorway.
You want to get your mojo back and experience the sunshine on your face again.
You want to live life to the max and not merely exist!

And Guess What? A few years ago, I could totally relate to that because I was exactly where you are, right now!

I know exactly what depression feels like because I’ve been where you are countless times. I suffered the ravages of depression on and off over the past two decades. It all started when I was only 20 years old, and I met a serious accident.

One day I was happy, go lucky just like any other guy of my age. And the next, I was suddenly dealing with the consequences of being in a serious accident that just happened to me. I felt all kinds of emotions – guilt, regret, violation, helplessness, shame, defeat, self-hate – all sorts of negative emotions.

The feeling, that life was not worth living that way was eating me from inside.

I sought medical help, and from there was put onto anti-depressant medication and received counselling. I was doing everything that psychiatrists and psychologists recommended as a treatment for depression.

But I wasn't improving!

I’d cry in my bedroom where nobody could hear me, because as a guy I was embarrassed about it.

I felt as if I was living in Hell

Those pleasant and energetic mornings were replaced by dreaded and awful ones.

My eating habits were affected tremendously and I lost my apetite.


I felt heavy and foggy in the head. I just couldn’t focus properly on anything and felt spaced out – which makes sense now that the evidence shows that depression actually shrinks the brain.

The world seemed like a dark prison to be in. All the sense of pleasure was totally gone and I felt hollow and empty, whilst my mind was scattered with random, irrelevant negative thoughts.

I was convinced I was going insane.
I desperately wanted to be out of this prison of depression!

Maybe you can relate to this experience I went through? Perhaps you’re going through the same right now?

For me, that experience was back in the early 1990’s, and after trying tons of medications and therapies, I gradually recovered!

But unfortunately that recovery was temporary and I relapsed two years later, then again got a little better, and then relapsed again!

What a Frustrating Journey, Isn’t it?

It’s a fact that in many cases, depression sufferers will relapse. For the majority of sufferers, depression stays with them for life.

And for quite some time, with my frequent recoveries and relapses, I thought, “I’m going to be stuck in this prison of depression forever!”

But it wasn’t to be the case.

Depression does not have to be a permanent thing. It wasn't for me and it doesn't have to be for you either – and you'll soon discover in this letter how that can be possible!

After several years, spending thousands of dollars on anti-depressants and experiencing some scary side effects – one that even resulted in me experiencing heart attack like symptoms that saw me in the emergency department – I was convinced I would just become another statistic.

I was convinced depression was simply my lot in life.

But my life changed when I began exploring natural therapies. I discovered natural supplements, herbs and this amazingly powerful tool called guided imagery.

In fact, it was the guided imagery and psychological knowledge that really created the most profound change for me.

My depression bouts were becoming less frequent and my new passion led me to a plethora of courses and learning. Eventually I studied for five years and became a qualified naturopath.

As a Naturopath, I’ve made it my life mission to find every resource possible to treat this hideous, soul-destroying disease of depression. I’ve discovered many new treatment options, and the most important is Mind Therapy.

Mind therapy is commonly referred to as mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). It helps people tackle negative thinking, and trains them to focus on the present, rather than the past or future. And it’s shown some amazing results – as the scientific studies prove!

And Now, What You are Going to Discover is a Solution, That is Scientifically Proven, Tried and Tested, and 100% Safe to Get Rid of This Soul Killing Condition Called Depression Naturally and Permanently

First though, here are some cold, hard facts surrounding the scientific studies, proving the effectiveness of Mind Therapy to free people from depression:

Oxford University completed a study in 2009 into the effect of meditation on depression sufferers. A group of 28 depression sufferers was divided into two groups – one that had standard clinical treatment, and the other that had standard treatment with mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT) which includes mind therapy. Of the group treated with MBCT in addition to standard therapy, major depression diminished, while the other group’s depressive symptoms
remained unchanged. 


In 2008, Professor Willem Kuyken of the University of Exeter lead a research team that discovered that,“psychological treatment called Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) was as good or better as treatment with anti-depressants like Prozac in preventing a relapse of serious depression – and the non-drug therapy was more effective in enhancing quality of life.” Over an eight week research period, the therapy was shown to be cost-effective in helping people stay well in the long-term. Fifteen months after the study finished, people who continued treatment with MBCT suffered only a 47% relapse rate, compared to a staggering 60% relapse rate, suffered by those who were purely receiving normal treatment with anti-depressants.

(Source: )

In 2010, a Swiss study undertaken by University Hospital Basel studied 150 patients with Multiple Sclerosis. Often, these patients also experience depression as part of their disease. The study observed these patients receiving a form of meditation known as mindfulness. Those participating in this program experienced lower levels of fatigue and depression, compared to those receiving standard care. The participants in the meditation therapy also said they experienced a better quality of life.


Mind therapy incorporates meditation, but on the whole it teaches people to focus on the present, so they can get control of negative thinking to transpire favourable outcomes.

As you have read through the studies above, it allows people to take control and free themselves of depression. It has also helped in the sporting and corporate arenas, where we see an increase in mind coaching to help athletes and business people bring about the success they visualize.

And through the, "Treating Depression Package", you can unleash the power of Mind Therapy to get your life, your happiness and your joy back again! You can live a life free of depression permanently!

The “Treating Depression Package” brings together a collection of one of the world’s most powerful, mind therapy packages around. The package was designed especially to help people – people just like you – to beat depression once and for all.

The man behind the package is Dr. Emmett Miller – a pioneer in the field of Mind-Body Medicine. He is one of the medical professionals leading the mind-body movement, and as both a physician and mathematician with a spiritually rich background, he knows how the mind and body work together to create total health, wellbeing and harmony.

Here are some of the facts about Dr. Miller:

He is a graduate of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
He has been a lecturer and preceptor at The University of California and Stanford University.
In the late 1960’s, he became one of the world’s first holistic physicians, specialising in the medicine of mind, body, emotion and spirit.
In 1977 he became renowned internationally as a founder and Director of the Cancer Support and Education Centre – the second patient-oriented self-help centre in the world, and the first to offer training programs and internships in this brand new field.
He invented and developed the very first deep relaxation and guided imagery intro audio cassettes and his tapes and CD’s are used by the medical fraternity – including the Mayo Clinic, athletes, business people, performers and even the US Olympic Track and Field Team.
Through the many books he has written – including the ground breaking, “Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind/Body Medicine” – and his own practice, he has helped thousands of patients – including depression sufferers – restore their wellbeing and their health.

Here’s what patients and medical peers of
Dr. Emmett Miller have to say about his work!

“Dr. Miller’s unshakable faith in the potential of everyone to obtain balance, coupled with his considerable finesse when applying techniques from a variety of disciplines, allows him to address the full range of issues that individuals must face in the world today. His genuine caring, love, and respect for humans and their condition create a safe and compassionate atmosphere for any form of self-exploration and change to occur. I admire Emmett Miller and have benefited greatly both personally and professionally from my association with him.”
– Shirley R. Fuller, Ph.D.

“To feel good is our human heritage. Dr. Miller shows us how to do this.”
– Virginia Satir, Creator of the Field of Family Therapy

“How very fortunate I feel to have discovered your beautiful work. It was my very first experience with meditation, and it saved my life. I began using it as a tool when I taught stress management techniques in a dual diagnostic unit for patients with psychiatric illnesses and substance abuse. I wish to thank you for your gift—from the bottom of my heart.” 
– Lynn Marcotte, R.N., B.S.N., L.M.T.

“I started using the tapes with my patients, and it was a natural extension to use them with Olympic athletes. We had nothing but positive feedback.”
– Jim Reardon, Ph.D., Sports Psychologist for U.S. Olympic Team

“My agoraphobia kept me in my house for two years. Three days after receiving your tapes I was going out as if there had never been a problem.”
– Grace Mitchell, Peoria, IL

And Dr. Miller can help you too through the, "Treating Depression Package"! Here's what you'll get as part of it!

One of the great things about Mind Therapy in its approach to the treatment of depression is the fact that it is multi-faceted. This is because depression itself is multi-faceted and it affects many factors of our lives – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Through the, “Treating Depression Package”, Dr. Miller will help you unleash the power within you to tackle depression’s many factors head on, so you can live free of the affliction permanently.

Here's What You Will Get as a Part of

"The Treating Depression Package"


Escape from Depression: In this powerful induction program, Dr. Miller takes you on a journey that literally wakes your nervous system up, so you can say goodbye to the dull, fuzziness you experience with depression. Through this program, you will awaken, feel and touch pleasure again on every level. After listening, you will feel a huge weight has lifted and begin to experience the freedom that comes with a life free of depression – a life that will become yours permanently! See just how powerful this program is by listening to a sample with the audio pane below…





I AM – Awakening
 Break the power of self-hatred
and low self-esteem once and for all, and start connecting with
the people and the world around you again. Through this part
of the program, Dr. Miller
builds you up again, so you can confidently accept WHO you are
and accept that you are a valuable and worthwhile person.
powerful and auto suggestive induction techniques and informative
lectures, Dr. Miller will ignite PASSION in your life again –
even though you thought it was long gone from your life! You’ll
awaken and feel the passion for life and for yourself once again,
in the next part of the program, you’ll build upon it even more
for permanent, lasting results. Check out a sample of
the program by listening here now…




CAN – Achieving Self-Empowerment: 
This program
follows on directly from I AM, because once you begin to feel
re-connected with a sense of self-worth and self-esteem again,
you’re ready to heal the wounds of your self. It’s all done by
sending your mind messages of encouragement, purpose, motivation
and incentive. Dr. Miller helps you to achieve all of this through
deep induction techniques and ground breaking knowledge discussions. The
program will help you gain control of your life again, and feel
confident and empowered – a state of mind that for so long may
have been buried by depression, but as you will discover, is
still very much there and part of YOU!
the audio pane below to listen to a snippet of this program.



 In many cases, depression is often caused
by situations or circumstances that one just can’t accept. And
often, this cannot be changed. For many, this sense of permanency
is what exacerbates the hurt and the pain, which causes the depression.
Such situations include loss of a loved one, loss of a job, loss
of a limb, loss of a relationship, etc. Through this powerful
and proven program, Dr. Miller will help you to let
go and accept those things that you cannot change, so you can
move on with hope, peace and joy for life beyond that experience.
NOW to a small sample of this program to see for yourself just
how amazing it really is.



Change – Moving On:
Expanding upon the Serenity Prayer,
this program goes even deeper in helping you to accept the misfortunes
and losses that life will throw at you. The reality is that it
isn’t these losses or misfortunes that cause the depression,
but your reaction to them. In this program, you’ll learn how
to change the way you react to certain situations. Based upon
the powerful and profound philosophy of Tao Te Ching, you
are shown how to ACCEPT the inevitable losses in life that WILL
occur and then ACCEPT and LET GO.
This is true healing
at its best and the benefits of what you learn will last a lifetime. Experience
a small snippet right now…



Easing into Sleep: As you know, depression really reaks havoc with your sleep patterns which in turn affects your health and wellbeing. After all, during sleep our mind and body relax and rejuvenate – almost like a computer shutting down and refreshing after being overloaded throughout the day. Depression cannot be relieved unless sleep patterns are normalised, because sleep also helps the body repair and make new mood enhancing chemicals like Serotonin. Dr. Miller developed this program after many months of research, and by combining the findings of this research with strategic skills, he helps you to normalise your sleep patterns. Designed for use every night, all you have to do is relax, listen and as you fall asleep, your subconscious mind does the rest – taking on the valuable messages for permanent results. Most people never hear it till the end! Check a little of this amazing program out right here…



Inner Child Healing: For many suffering from depression, it is often linked to past traumas or emotional abuse from childhood. These experiences can literally result in an individual feeling trapped in the past like prisoners. Through this amazing program, Dr. Miller will take you on a deeply healing journey, allowing you to meet the child you once were and heal the scars forever. An amazing, not to be missed program that you can check out a sample of, right now…



And remember when I mentioned earlier that depression is scientifically known to shrink the brain? Well, Dr. Miller’s programs and their carefully researched guided imagery actually help your brain to release chemicals to protect and increase new brain cell growth, and stimulate PART of the brain that causes depression.

The clouds from a foggy head are totally blown away with Dr. Miller’s techniques, leaving you with a light, pleasant and crystal clear head that feels normal!

With this program, you can start the process of overcoming depression and revealing your greatness once and for all!

The “Treating Depression Package” includes all of Dr. Miller’s programs needed for you to free yourself of depression for good!

These mind therapy programs are completely safe and can be used with current anti-depressant and anti-psychotic drugs. And as a Naturopath on a mission to help free people of depression, I always use Dr. Miller’s programs when I treat my own depression patients. After all, his programs helped me break the cycle of depression – a cycle that lasted over twenty years!

After using Dr. Miller’s programs, I can happily report no depression in four years!

In fact, triggers that would normally cause a full blown depressive episode in me have not done it. For example, in August 2010, one week after shoulder surgery, I experienced heart attack symptoms and was rushed to hospital. It was discovered I had a life threatening pulmonary embolism. I thought I was going to die! Usually, such an ordeal would have normally trigerred a full blown severe depression in me. Yet this traumatic experience did not trigger depression, and the only way I can describe it is – 

“It was almost like I had an invisible shield protecting me from depression”

I am constantly surprised at how upsetting, disappointing and highly stressful situations do not trigger depression in me anymore. It’s as if the Mind Therapy programs allows you to “detach” without “reacting” with unproductive emotions. You will finally feel safe that you can confidently pursue those things you were avoiding in fear of getting depressed. Indeed, it has enabled me to sky-rocket all the dreams I had let go by. You realize just how much of life has been wasted by depression, and when we ‘permanently’ feel good again, we want to catch up on lost time. LIFE IS SHORT.

And Dr. Miller can help you too through the, "Treating Depression Package"! Here's what you'll get as part of it!

Dear Friend, I Have Experienced That Awful Feeling of Being in

That Never Ending Depression That Takes Away All the Charm of Your Life!

And, Now When I’ve Regained That Charm and Started Living Life to the Fullest,

I want to Help All Those People, That are Sailing in the Same Boat,

As I was Few Years Back.

And that’s Why Along With This Amazing, Life Saving, Scientifically Proven,

Tried and Tested Package of Curing Depression Naturally and Permanently

I am also Giving You a Super Bonus Pack of Four eBooks,
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Jam Packed With Complete Information on How to Get Rid
of Depression Forever,

Here's a Sneak Peek of Your FREE Bonus Pack Worth $188

to Stop Your Depression Now!:
Written by retired counsellor, Sharon Schurman, this ebook is packed full of proven-to-work tips to help you permanently overcome depression. Written in easy-to-understand language, you won’t need to consult medical dictionaries or practitioners for explanation. This is one ebook that will answer your questions and provide you with practical advice to get well again, for good! Valued at $47!



Thinking Positively through Life: Following on from the powerful programs you’ll follow in the, “Treating Depression Package”, you’ll want to get started on your positive thinking journey to have the life you want! In this ebook, you’ll learn valuable techniques you can start implementing right now, wherever you are, to magically transform your life for the better! Valued at $47!




Life without Stress:
Stress and depression go hand in hand, and the relationship between the two is best described as a cause and effect one. Those who struggled with sustained stress often develop depression. And those with depression lowers the ability to cope, which amplifies stress. In this ebook, you’ll discover how you can implement changes in your life and in your thinking today to experience a stress free life. Essential reading!Valued at $47!



Revealing The Truth About Bipolar Disorder: Bipolar Disorder according to the World Health Organisation, is the 6th leading cause of disability in the world. This said though, it is a condition that is manageable and it is possible to enjoy a fulfilling life with it. In this ebook, you’ll discover the truth about Bipolar Disorder and learn about ways you can cope with it in your everyday life. A must-read for those with Bipolar and others who are living with those suffering from it!Valued at $47!

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It’s an incredible package all up, but as great as it all sounds,
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I’m a naturopath as you know, and my objective is to help you and your loved ones enjoy renewed health and wellbeing again over depression. I can personally testify to the power and effectiveness of Dr. Miller’s mind therapy programs, as can many of my patients and I am certain this package will transform the lives of all who listen and take it on board.

You included!

And that is why I back this package with my 30-day guarantee.

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase of the “Treating Depression Package”, simply let me know within 30 days of your purchase, and I will refund you the purchase price you paid in full.

Because my number one objective is helping YOU overcome depression once and for all – just like I have!

You've read the testimonials, you've learnt all about who Dr. Emmett Miller is and what mind therapy is all about. You've even read findings of the scientific research that proves the effectiveness of mind therapy which forms the basis of the GUARANTEED "Treating Depression Package"! Now is the time for action!

So order the “Treating Depression Package right now for the special introductory – limited time – price of just $77.00 for the MP3 instant download package OR $122.00 (plus p/h) for the CD package delivered to you!


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These programs will transform your life and help you free yourself of the binds of depression once and  for all
I guarantee it!

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To your optimum health and wellbeing,

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