Clinical experience and countless scientific studies show that rich, balanced, freely-flowing emotions are powerful allies in producing health, peak creativity, and a satisfying, fulfilling life. Emotions you suppress – or those that overwhelm you – lead to frustration, anxiety, depression and failure, as well as physical and behavioural disorders. Dr. Miller shows you how to safely experience, understand, guide, and flow with your emotions, using powerful techniques, including deep relaxation, guided imagery and self-affirmation.

When our thoughts or emotions overwhelm us, it is the Self that is disempowered, leading to anxiety, anger, and depression. Clear thought, sound logic, and accurate focus are essential guides in making effective intentional choices. Self-respect, self-confidence, self-expression, and self-appreciation add up to healthy Self-esteem, the fulcrum upon which emotions must balance to produce health, joy, and success. The programs in this section will help you become the person you really want to be…


Letting Go Of Stress

The beautiful vocal performance, one of Dr. Miller's best, is enhanced by an exquisite, specially composed score performed by famed musician Stephen Halpern. No healing library is complete without this

Abolish Anxiety Now!

A complete self-healing program, presenting a fascinating new way to understand and treat all forms of anxiety, worry and panic. Abolish Anxiety is compatible with all medical, herbal and spiritual

Accepting Change and Moving On: Loss and Letting Go

Listen to a sample of Accepting Change and Moving On!

This program was developed after months of meditation on Tao Te Ching, the

Escape From Depression

Listen to a sample of Listen to samples of Escape from Depression! Escape from Depression Disk 1:

This program consists of 2 discs; CD

Freeing Yourself From Fear

Let go of fear and maximize your enjoyment of life with the easy-to-use techniques found in this program. Your own internal antidote to fears and phobias is awakened through deep

I Am: Awakening Self-Acceptance

Listen to samples of I Am: Awakening Self-Acceptance!

As you explore this crucial step in the enhancement of your Self esteem, you will find

I Can: Achieving Self-Empowerment

Listen to samples of I Can: Achieving Self-Empowerment!

Your starting point is a felt sense of connection with your deeper Self (such as you

Ten-Minute Stress Manager

This little jewel has proven itself time and again with businesspeople, students, performers, athletes, and others who have little time to find the relaxation they vitally need. Learn to quickly

Serenity Prayer

All behaviors are based on decisions made by the deeper mind. Use this beautiful tape every day, while you drive, to choose your wisest behavior. You will hear affirmations to

Rainbow Butterfly (Dr. Miller Classic)

Listen to samples of Rainbow Butterfly

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Relaxation and Inspiration (Dr. Miller Classic)

Listen to samples of Relaxation and Inspiration

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Inner Child Healing (Dr. Miller Classic)

Listen to samples of Inner Child Healing!

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Launching Your Day (Dr. Miller Classic)

Listen to samples of Launching Your Day!

Threshold Affirmations with Music and Nature Sounds Put Commute Time to Work for You! An introductory lecture and

Awakening the Healer Within (Dr. Miller Classic)

Listen to samples of Awakening the Healer Within Awakening the Healer Within Disc 1

Awakening the Healer Within Disc 2 [audio-clammr mp3="" titles="Awakening the

Balance, Stress and Optimal Health Suite

Balance, Stress and Optimal Health Suite Included in this suite: Letting Go of Stress - No wonder Letting Go of Stress is the world's most popular stress management CD! Several


Introduction Personal Excellence means being who you really are, in touch with your own inner wisdom, bringing forth the best that is within you, and functioning at your creative peak

Writing Your Own Script

Whatever the pattern in your life you would like to change, this program can help you do it. Distilled from many years of clinical experience, the experiences offered allow you

Inspired Imagery (Dr. Miller Classic)

This CD offers a lecture presentation to health professionals at the "Power of Imagination" Conference sponsored by the Institute for the Advancement of Human Behavior. It provides an overview of