You Can Help Your Body Beat Cancer.

You Can’t Sit Passively Back. You Have to Fight.

While modern medicine has come a long way for cancer patients,
You are not at the whim of your doctors…

By harnessing the cutting-edge methods of Mind/Body Medicine
You can learn to Fight and Win in the battle against Cancer.

I’m going to show you a video of a man diagnosed with Leukemia, given bad odds for survival. His story is common – but his reaction is unique, and it helped give him a fighting chance…

Dear Friend,

Being diagnosed with cancer is by far one of the most intricate things any human being can encounter. After all,like every other human being, you value having control over your life and your destiny, and a diagnosis like this can send you into a tailspin, that’s uncontrollable.

Cancer diagnosis does not only gives you an overall feeling of uncertainty over everything, but also makes you feel completely helpess and weak.

But, people who are undergoing cancer diagnosis, are so much depressed and worried, that they often forget that they actually have much more control over the condition than they think.

Now, the good news is that you actually have the power to promote
healing from within yourself. In fact, although you might not realize it,
you've done it before!

Think back to a time when you had an ailment and visited your doctor, and he wrote you a prescription for say, an antibiotic, and gave you instructions to consume it at several intervals during the day.

You started following the prescription with full optimism and faith that the prescribed antibiotic would alleviate you of the symptoms, restoring your full health. In fact, the visit to the doctor and the prescribed medication made you feel much better, since you knew it would help. You knew that you would be able to defeat that ailment in the near future.

And sure enough, it happened. Time and time again.

Now you may say, “That’s because it’s an antibiotic – developed by medical professionals – to heal me of such an ailment.” And it’s actually true!

But what about the placebo effect?

Dr. John Demartini, who is a chiropractor, healer and inspirational speaker and author, and who appeared in the New York Times best-seller DVD and book, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, talked about the placebo effect, and here is exactly what he said: “We’ve known in the healing arts of a placebo effect. Read the book or listen to the DVD, and you’ll know how great it is”.

A placebo is something, that has no physical impact or effect on the human body, like a sugar pill, however it does have a mental effect on human psychology. Tell the patient, that this medicine is extremely effective, and the placebo comes into the act and has the same effect as medicine in healing the patient. Hence, they found out, that the human mind is the biggest factor in the healing arts. At times, more than the medication.

If someone is in a situation where they’re experiencing a sickness that is prone to death, and they have an alternative to understand their psychology and what’s in their mind creating such a situation, versus an option of being on medication, it’s OBVIOUSLY much wiser to immediately resort to medication and at the same time, trying to understand what’s in their mind that is creating this situation. It’s wise to remember that every form of healing has a place!

The Placebo effect demonstrates, just how powerful that ally is, that I alluded to, in the headline of this letter.

And Now, Don't be Surprised When I Say That, The Ally I Mentioned About is No one Else but, YOU!

Yes,You Heard it Right!

That Ally is YOU, It’s YOUR OWN MIND!

Always remember, whenever you overcome an illness or ailment, it’s not only the medicine that takes the credit for healing you, but you too become a part of it, since you prepare your
mind to be receptive to it – it’s your mind’s ability to receive and believe that you are going to be alright, and that is what initiates the healing!

This reality is gaining grounds and coming in the limelight, and it is reflected in the trends we now witness right around the world, concerning alternative medicines and treatments – particularly those, surrounding the field of mind-body medicine.

Here are just a few facts that really paint a clear picture as to how things are with relation to mind-body medicine today:

One-half of all medical schools in the US now offer alternative medicine courses (Source: CNN);
Between 65% to 80% of the world’s population – that’s around 3 billion people – rely upon alternative medical treatment for their primary source of healthcare (Source: World Health Organisation);
Almost one-third of medical schools – including Harvard and John Hopkins Universities – now offer alternative medicine coursework.
Holistic or mind-body medicine is now becoming recognized as a viable form of health care – not just by consumers who in the US spent $13.7 billion on this sort of care in 1991 – 75% of that out of pocket – but by the medical profession as well.

As you can see, there is a widespread acceptance of this sort of treatment now. And this trend is also mushrooming up in Australia too with complementary and alternative medicine on the rise – and that includes mind-body medicine!

People are really beginning to realize the power of the mind when it comes to restoring the body to health – the natural, default state of the human body – and as you can see, the medical community is embracing this alternative healing too.

Cancer Treatment Centres Globally, Are Embracing This Alternative Healing Too!

Being a naturopath with over 10 years of experience in helping people with a myriad of medical conditions and ailments – INCLUDING CANCER – I have a real interest and passion for helping people restore themselves to health.

A few years back, I attended a local Cancer Workshop where one cancer survivor told us about how she went to the world renowned Gawler Foundation, where she discovered meditation therapy. She spoke about how she never knew how good meditation was until she started visiting the centre and now – in complete remission – she meditates daily and never goes a day without it!

She experienced firsthand the benefits of mind-body healing through meditation – and was successful to beat cancer with it!

Listening to this woman inspired me to reinforce my passion for mind-body healing products – a passion that ignited way back in 1990 when I discovered Dr. Emmett Miller’s “Change the Channel on Pain” recording!

I Was So Much Inspired With Dr. Miller's Work, That I Went on a Mind-Body Binge Ordering 20 or So of Dr. Miller's Products!

Change the Channel on Pain” was the best of Dr. Miller’s products at the time and over the past 15 years, he has continued to add new programs to his list!

I have personally listened to so many guided meditations over the last twenty or so years, but none have been as powerful as Dr. Miller’s. Inspired by his amazing track record for helping people, overcome illnesses including cancer, I hand-selected from his products, the components that make up the “Cancer Mind-Body Package” based on the symptoms and journey of cancer.

The products in this package has been proven to work because they incorporate techniques that are now being used globally in cancer treatment facilities and centres.

Cancer as a disease often involves all of the following:

• Shock
• Fear
• Surgery
• Pain
• Depression
• Loss of control
• Poor immune health
• Damaged nerve cells

And Dr Emmett Miller’s comprehensive “The Healing Cancer Mind-Body Package” tackles each of these aspects head on, giving you the very best chance to take control of your mind, which in turn will take control of your body.

Imagine…A Massive Army of Millions of White Blood Cells in Your Body, Going Head to Head With the Confused, Bewildered and worried Cells Wearing "CANCER" Gurnsies and Defeating Them!

This is exactly what happens, when the real power of your own Mind-Body medicine takes over – when your own mind assumes its rightful position of control over your body to restore it to full health.

And you know it does work, because you’ve seen that army in action in the past with battles, fought against conditions like:

• The common cold
• Influenza
• Allergies
• Food poisoning
• Headaches and migraines
• Body aches and pains

Now, its Time For You to Identify that Proven and Demonstrated Power that Lies Within You and is Determined to Restore You to full Health!

Developed by one of mind-body medicine’s pioneers, Dr Emmett Miller’s “The Healing Cancer Mind-Body Package” bundles together, a very powerful series of mind-body healing tools that will literally help you initiate your body’s white blood cell army to get you back to health.

The tools will help you to gain control of that white blood cell army, just like a Commander, so you can be in the best position to lead that army and restore your body to health.

Dr Emmett Miller is one of the medical professionals at the forefront of the mind-body movement. As a physician and mathematician with a spiritually rich and diverse background, Dr Miller understands how the mind and body collaborate and work together and create wellbeing, health and harmony.

Other interesting facts about Dr Miller are as follows:

He graduated from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and has also worked as a lecturer and preceptor at The University of California and Stanford University.

In the late ’60s he became one of the world’s first holistic physicians, with a specialty in the medicine of mind, body, emotion, and spirit.

In 1977 he became well known internationally as a founder and Director of the Cancer Support and Education Centre, the second patient-oriented self-help center in the world, and the first to offer training programs and internships in this brand-new field.

He invented and developed the very first deep relaxation and guided imagery audio cassettes and his tapes and CD’s are used by medical practitioners – including the Mayo Clinic, business people, athletes, performers and even the US Olympic Track and Field Team.

Through the many books he has authored – including the cutting edge, “Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind/Body Medicine” – and his own private practice, he has helped many clients and patients – including cancer patients – restore their health

When you have a cancer diagnosis, external
factors bombard you left and right, but many people overlook
one of the most powerful healing forces available…

And Here's What Dr Emmett Miller's Patients and His Medical Peers - Are Saying About His Work!

“The surgery went extremely well and guess what? one week later I am doing a full day’s work and almost everything that I could do before (except for lifting heavy objects). I thought you might be interested in two subjective observations about the experience. First, I utilized your tapes to help me visualize a bloodless operative field…and both surgeons and the anesthetist commented spontaneously (I did not tell them…) that they had never seen such a clean field! Indeed, for four separate incisions…they commented that there couldn’t have been half a teaspoon of blood loss.”
– Bud Baldwin, President, Earlham College

“Deep Healing literally has the essential ingredients that we all need, to live healthy lives. Information and inspiration are united to lead to our transformation. In the process of healing, lies the joy of living. Emmett Miller has been one of my teachers and healers—read this excellent resource and heal your mind and body.”
– Bernie S. Siegel, M.D., Author, Love, Medicine and Miracles

“Deep Healing is a gift of wisdom and transformation. Thousands of people have experienced emotional healing through Dr. Miller’s excellent audio programs. Now his deep humanity, wealth of clinical experience, and practical suggestions are available in this comprehensive written guide.”
– Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. , Author, Minding the Body, Mending the Mind and A Woman’s Book of Life

“Seven years ago, an MRI showed I had Multiple Sclerosis. Dr. Miller and I have figured out the fears that bound me, the control needs that exhausted me. I’m learning to believe in images.”
– Gunnar Sivelius, Medical Director, Lockheed Missiles and Space

“My physician was critical when I insisted on taking my tape of successful surgery and playing it as I rode down the hall on the gurney and into the operating room. He changed his mind when he heard how impressed the anesthesiologist was with how relaxed, calm, and confident I was. ‘This is incredible,’ he said. The surgery went fine and I’m certain it was as close to being a positive experience as having a breast removed can possibly be.”
– Margaret McGovern

“I recently had major foot reconstructive surgery… I used your 2-recording series on preparing for surgery and had never used relaxation recordings before. Although I tried several others, yours was by far the best for me. I used them for 2 months before and now 4 and a half weeks after the surgery I am still using them. My surgery went extremely well. I had the anesthesia nurse read me healing statements. I had no pain when I woke up from the anesthesia. The nerve block helped, but so did my state of relaxation. I just returned from an acupuncture appointment and she said she’s never seen any scars healing so well…I love your recordings and tell everyone about them.”
– Anne Jones

You See How Miraculous This Package is ?
And it Can Help You Too To Restore Your Mind and Body to Full Health

As I Mentioned a While Ago, Virtually Everything You Will Go Through in The Dreadful Journey of Cancer, Dr Miller Will Help You Tackle Head on Through This Super Miraculous Package.

Yes! It's All Made Possible Because He Literally Draws Upon Proven Mind-Body Techniques That Have Helped So Many People Already.

Here's What You Will Get as a Part of
"The Healing Cancer Mind-body Package"


Healing From Cancer (audio): In this two track audio, Dr Miller will completely relax you and connect you with your inner self for the important task of freeing your mind and body from tension. Stress is perhaps the most common cause of all illness, and a mind and body free of tension is a mind and body ready to heal itself. As you listen to this audio, you will take control of your mind and body and totally free your body of all tension, putting it in the best position for maximum healing – healing from within. You will experience true relaxation here – literally, a heaven on earth experience you will love every moment of, as you use your mind to heal your body and free it of all tension, stress andresistance. Learn more about this audio by clicking the audio pane below…


Optimizing Chemotherapy (audio): It’s a fact that chemotherapy is a real struggle to endure, and it does make people sick. As the saying goes though, “You get worse, before you get better.” Dr.Miller has put together this powerful meditative audio to help you take command of your body, so you can get the maximum possible healing out of the chemotherapy you are receiving. This meditation again, will free your mind and body of all stress and tension and you will experience almost a waterfall like cleansing that will revitalize and restore you.You will again experience the feeling of total health and vibrance – all while your immune system gets ready to attack cancer cells. That massive army of white blood cells – during this meditation – will start to restore you once again to health, putting you in the best position to receive the valuable chemotherapy you will undertake. This audio will make you receptive to the healing that is available to you right now. Learn more with a sample below…


Optimizing Radiation (audio): This meditative audio is similar to the Optimising Chemotherapy program above. This one, however, focuses primarily on radiation treatment. Rather than using the word, “radiation” in the meditation, Dr. Miller instead uses words along the lines of, “special radiant energy” which are much more aligned in our minds, with healing. Your mind and body will experience complete relaxation and zero resistance, to make you as receptive as possible to the special radiant energy, determined to restore you to complete health and wellbeing. Check out part of it by listening to a sample below…


Successful Surgery and Recovery (audio): All too often, cancer will involve surgery – and that in itself can really result in anxiety. In this audio meditation, Dr. Miller will relax you and help you to prepare for the best possible surgical outcome. Your fear of surgery will be eliminated, and your mind will get your The meditation itself will also help you to boost your immunity, for a short recovery time. It’s the essential preparation for before, during and after your surgery and you can take a sneak peek to this audio here…


Healing Journey (audio): Healing Journey is an audio that is on the cutting edge of mind-body medicine, and Dr. Miller will take you deep within your mind so you can experience the peace you need for mind and body healing to happen. This is the first audio of its kind produced in the world, and you will be taken to a magical place of healing and restoration – on even the deepest levels of your being. Find out how to unleash the healing you need and desire and have a sneak peek to this short snippet from the recording…

Change the Channel on Pain (audio): Pain and cancer go hand in hand, but did you know that you literally can tune into an alternative channel to pain? You can literally disable the pain experience by unleashing the healing, transformational power of your mind. Dr. Miller will walk you through the exact process in Change the Channel on Pain, empowering you to a greater experience of physical health and wellbeing. Life changing and transforming is the best way to describe it, and you will certainly notice improvement in your own physical experience when you start listening to this audio and allowing your mind to take over and free you of pain. Take a sneak peek right here…
Awaken the Healer Within (audio): In this inspirational two-hour lecture that was recorded at a cancer conference in 1986. Even more than 20 years on, the information Dr. Miller provides in the lecture is timeless and powerful and it’s sure to invigorate the minds of those who listen to it and fill them with inspiration, hope, positivity and emotional relief. Just what the doctor ordered and so much more! Check it out here to see what this audio is all about…
Serenity Prayer (audio): One of the reasons why human beings suffer so much is because they are in a constant state of inner resistance. No matter what, most people – and maybe you can relate – feel this uneasiness or stress within. Almost like a background in your life that is constantly lingering all the time. This is what resistance is, and all too often it can create illness and disease and other ailments that we really just shouldn’t have to contend with. The Serenity Prayer program, bought to you by Dr. Miller will help you to completely let go of all that is creating the resistance you are experiencing. You’ll feel much lighter when you experience this recording for the first time, and healing will be happening as you listen – you will literally feel it. Learn more here by listening to a small part of the audio – RIGHT HERE below…

Everything, That You Need, to give yourself the Best Fighting chance Against “Cancer”
Is Bundled in This Super Miraculous Life Saving Package


And Above All, What More Could You Ask For, When You’re Being Guided
By one of the World’s Pioneers in Mind-Body Medicine?

As a natural health practitioner who has been in the business now for over 10 years, when I first reviewed, “The Healing Cancer Mind-Body Package” I was compelled to share it with all of my patients living with cancer.

And Believe it or Not – I still – more than ever – am of that view.

That’s why I am working hard to get the message out there and offer it to as many patients as possible. Whether you’re a cancer sufferer yourself, or a loved one is suffering it – I want you to get your hands on this package because it really will help in the healing process.

After all, anything that prepares the mind and body to be as receptive as possible to treatment is well worth it

– And I am Quite Certain About the Fact That This Package is Exactly What You’re Looking For!

Now, When you’ve Equipped Yourself With the Fact That

How Beneficial “The Healing Cancer Mind-Body Package” Is!

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Even if you’re taking the standard medical treatments or just trying to prevent cancer from happening, you are able to safely enhance the effectiveness of what you do by employing some simple strategies. Most people have no idea what these strategies are.

Many people that are former sufferers of this deadly condition, called cancer, or are currently being diagnosed with it and are on treatment, actually recognize how gruesome it is. It’s an undeniable fact that you will never ever want your loved ones to go through the same thing and experience the same dreadful feeling of being diagnosed by cancer. Prevention is the key, and just imagine, what else would be a more wonderful gift for your friends and family than being utmost concerned about their health and encouraging them to read this ebook. You too, if you are already suffering from cancer, will intensively benefit from the information enclosed in this wonderful e-book called “10 Steps to Deflect Cancer”.

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As a naturopath, my objective is helping you or your loved one, to again experience optimum health and wellbeing. I believe in the healing power of Dr. Miller’s meditative approach and I know this package will be a huge help to the patient who listens and reads along with the material.

That’s why I back the package with my 30-day guarantee. That’s why I back the package with my 30-day guarantee.

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My number one objective is to help you or your loved one to get well and achieve total health and wellness again.

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