Guided Imagery & Rescripting

Guided Imagery and Re-Scripting

With the learned ability to hold healing imagery in the mind, guided imagery can place you in a receptive “healing state” which will allow you to re-program your thought patterns. This re-programming is designed to realign your total self in order to restore balance and harmony between your mind, body and emotions. This restored balance facilitates healing.

Re-scripting is similar to what actors and professional athletes do, when preparing for a performance or a competition. It involves the mental rehearsing of a desired state of mind, body and emotions that are directed towards a certain outcome. In this case, the re-scripting may involve the way that you internalize your dialogue while speaking to yourself, your habits, how your internal organs function, social interactions, etc. Even with a change in diet, exercise, rest and other positive aspects of our existence, we need to have the right mental balance in order to use them most effectively.

With Mindivine, we will show you how to achieve this state of balance and focus through the use of hand-picked effective products that we offer on our website. It’s time that you start enjoying the life you deserve. Try Mindivine’s way to better health and well-being, today.

Six Steps to the Way of Self-Healing…

At Mindivine, we will assist you with the products and training that you’ll need to achieve Self-Healing through six separate steps. These steps, once mastered, will place you on the pathway to self-healing and towards the accomplished lifestyle that you have always dreamed of.

The first step towards your goal of self-healing is learning what it actually means to have direct access to your physical constitution through proper therapy and conditioning. This includes understanding the role that stress, diet, exercise and perceptions plays in your health. Once this is understood, then you can begin to determine the options that are offered for treating various conditions.

Secondly, as mentioned before, deep relaxation is absolutely essential to attain access to the self. With relaxation, we accelerate the healing process and provide the perfect medicine for stress. Relaxation removes daily distractions which will, in turn, lead the way towards programming yourself towards more productive, healing behaviour – not just at the visible level, but at the cellular level, as well. This is the way to mind/body programming for astoundingly positive results in every aspect of our lives. This is a fundamental building block for Mindivine’s way towards a more peaceful, joyful you.

The third step entails the state you can guide yourself in, while in deep relaxation. The “Healing State” is the place in your mind where re-scripting can take place. Here, your body is willing to accept images from your mind along with positive healing emotions. At Mindivine, we offer you the MP3 and CDs that will assist you in this process, as you make your way towards your extremely pleasant guided imagery experiences. The steps are easy to follow and you will find your skills within the Healing State becoming progressively more effective in a surprisingly short period of time.

The fourth step is one of actual transformation. This comes in the form of Intentional Healing Imagery that is focused through direct awareness of specific areas of your health. This “programming of the body through the power of the mind” will allow you to directly communicate with the behaviour of your body at a cellular level. This can, for example, directly affect the immune system and/or alter and maintain health-inducing behaviours (quitting smoking, diet control, initiating an exercise regimen, etc.). Your programmed image forms a behavioural pattern that shapes every system level.

The fifth step involves rehearsing your images on a daily basis. Similar to an actor or musician, there needs to be a regular reinforcement of your abilities in order to keep them at their peak level. This reinforcement continuously trains your brain, immune system and nervous system so that it becomes increasingly easier to maintain the changes that you have actively programmed.

The sixth step involves rewarding your desired changes, which will encourage your mind and body to persist in the positive physiology, emotional adjustments and mental focus that you have initiated.

These six steps towards Self-Healing can be achieved through the products that we offer here on Mindivine . Once you begin your path to Self-Healing, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and effectively you can achieve the results that lead to a more productive and powerful lifestyle through better health – physically, emotionally and spiritually.