Sexual Intimacy (Dr. Miller Classic) – (MP3)


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Lovely music and imagery support the voices of Dr. Miller and his wife, Sandra Miller, as they provide gentle, compassionate guidance for opening your heart and body to the beauty of loving. Learn first to love and touch yourself from within, then to share that sensitive intimacy with another. Valuable for treating symptoms of under-responsiveness, low self-confidence, fear, and premature ejaculation. Part 1 may be used alone; Part 2 is best used with a partner.

The experience of making love can be just that-more than merely physical, it can be a richly rewarding emotional, mental, and even spiritual experience. This is more than just “sex” it is truly “making . . . love,” a deep and direct communication of caring and pleasure, in which both partners feel satisfied, fulfilled, and complete. This MP3 is designed to be experienced not just listened to.

It is designed to help you achieve the deep levels of sexual joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment that are possible by helping you:

Note: This first few times you experience this MP3, listen to it alone. Then you may wish to listen to either or both sides with your partner. Feel free to keep your fantasies to yourself until you feel comfortable sharing them.

Track 1. Imagery for Awakening your Sexual Self – This track helps you relax, to let go of the pressures and stresses of the outside world and tune into your capacity to be sensitive, receptive, responsive, open, loving and honest. reach that level where you’re willing to allow your action and feeling to be a reflection of and an expression of a deep inner truth.

Listen once a day or every other day for a week or two or until there is a feeling of truly being able to allow yourself to follow its guidance and experience all those treasures within.

Track 2. Imagery for Making Love – When time permits listen immediately after Track 1, and it will build on the relaxation. First you will create a perfect fantasy place for making love. A place where your mind and body feel they would be most able to fully experience and express intimate sexuality. You now bring your partner into this space and are guided though a few and open sexual interaction.

You may wish to play this MP3 during your physical interaction with your lover as well as during your inner imagery experiences.

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