Personal Excellence


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This extraordinary program helps you achieve Personal Excellence, peak performance, and true Self-esteem. Six Heart-to-Heart talks by Dr. Miller richly enhanced with music, dramatizations and sound clips of such paragons of excellence as Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. Corresponding to each of these is a deep relaxation/guided imagery experience that gradually takes you through the vital stages of personal growth: I Am, I Can, I See, I Will, I Act, and I Appreciate. Six beautifully performed talks provide potent training in values awareness, personal mission, visioning, and goal setting, so you can base your success on you deepest beliefs and sense of Self. And keep your horizons expanding for years. When your desire for achievement matches your desire for personal growth and integrity, Personal Excellence is a must! Features a specially composed musical score with Steven Pasero on guitar and Chris Bock and Jeff Pollack on keyboards. Originally produced on a grant from Nightengale-Conant, this breakthrough program belongs in every library!

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