Permanent Weight Loss

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Permanent Weight Loss offers a way to take charge of your mind and train your nervous system to use the powerful set of tools of deep relaxation and guided imagery. With these tools, you can take charge of your emotions, your behavior and your body, and guide them to support your losing weight – and keeping it off forever.  You will be guided through the process of undoing and erasing the abusive and misleading messages programmed in by your environment, and setting yourself free from the harmful behaviors (like emotional eating) they have produced.

On these programs, Dr. Miller, through the imagery, the music, and the quality of his voice, guides you in the discovery that deep relaxation, imagery, and affirmations can alter your eating and exercising behavior, and program your body to behave the way you really want it to. Then you can become the happy and beautiful person you really are!

Track Information

Track 1: Mind Over Matter
Track 2: Stop and Relax
Track 3, : Self-Acceptance and Empowerment
Track 4: Balancing Energy and Eating
Track 5: Feedback, Breakfast of Champions