Our Culture On the Couch, Seven Steps to Global Healing


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Book Description : With this book, Dr. Miller makes his greatest contribution to the transformation, the paradigm shift, that so many of us are working toward and that must occur if we want to be in harge of setting our communal direction into the future – something that must occur if we are to create sustainability, or to even survive. Dr. Miller’s life and work have been an ongoing process of awakening to certain eternal truths about life and humanity. COTC is written for those who are also awakening, or who are ready to begin waking up to the fact that we must go beyond the limitations of the past and create a sustainable, just, and peaceful future.

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In COTC, Dr. Miller performs a thorough examination, arriving at accurate diagnoses for the serious ailments that currently threaten our civilization. But, surprisingly, the prognosis is not necessarily dire. Despite the litany of problems we face – personal fear, illness and depression; violence; political and corporate corruption; terrorism; environmental devastation – Miller finds underlying causes that he believes can be successfully treated.

Applying a systems approach, Dr. Miller performs a careful evaluation of the symptoms displayed by his planetary patient and discovers fundamental principles at the base of the majority of these problems. He recommends a treatment plan that involves applying these principles at every level of system (personal, family, community, cultural, national and global ecosystem), the result of which could be the cure we’ve been looking for.

The principles involve no less than a transformation from the current paradigm based on separation and opposition to one that focuses on cooperation and unity. For Dr. Miller, this new paradigm is the answer to the world’s problems as well as to the myriad ailments that plague human beings even in this era of medical breakthroughs and advanced technology. But can we, as a society, learn to work together after centuries of finding every reason under the sun to oppose each other? Dr. Miller thinks we can. And he offers a blueprint for a new type of leadership that incorporates the values and goals we all hold as individuals and shows us how advances in technology, specifically the Internet, makes dispersing this leadership throughout the world possible. (Read the full description at OurCultureOnTheCouch.com )

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Taking on modern culture as a patient, Dr. Miller applies his finely honed clinical skills to diagnose our condition and, with compassion and clarity, prescribes a course of treatment that is deeply transformative.  Hopefully we will be courageous enough, individually and collectively, to take it. It is a gift that offers real hope.

Professor Martin L. Rossman, M.D., Clinical Associate, Dept. of Medicine, University of California Medical Center, San Francisco, Author: Guided Imagery for Self-Healing

Dr Miller has assembled an amazing compendium of facts, resources and creative suggestions for healing our world. You owe it to yourself, your friends and family, and the world to be informed and begin to take action.

Jack Travis, MD, MPH,
founder of the first Wellness Center

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