Launching Your Day (Dr. Miller Classic)

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A remarkable achievement-an eyes-open, while-you-work-or-play meditation to start the day on a positive, focused note. Attune to your deepest values, then gradually energize yourself as you enjoy words of wisdom and self-affirmation. Extend the peace of the sleep state congruently into the activities of everyday life.

Threshold Affirmations with Music and Nature Sounds

Put Commute Time to Work for You!

An introductory lecture and a series of affirmation exercises, with music, to develop internal focus, evoke vision and purpose, and stimulate enthusiasm and commitment

Principles of Affirmation and Commitment

Focusing Your Values

Clarifying Your Life Vision

Building Enthusiasm to Action

@E. Miller, 1989

This CD will enable you to clarify and affirm your basic values, build self-esteem, encourage commitment to the tasks ahead within a positive vision of the future. And you can accomplish all this during the otherwise unused time while getting dressed, driving to work, etc.

Launching Your Day features an extraordinary new and powerful affirmation technique developed by Dr. Miller. You will find the CD truly enjoyable; it blends powerful affirmations with beautiful, especially composed music.

Begin by listening to Part 1. This talk by Dr. Miller explains the principles used on the CD. It provides a stimulating and motivating introduction to the threshold affirmation process on the other Parts. Once you have gained these principles, listen to Parts 2-4 regularly throughout each day while doing chores, getting dressed, driving to work, etc.

After the introductory lecture on Part 1, affirmation exercises begin on Part 2, which is carefully paced to help you focus o yourself, your values, and an awareness of things in life that really motivate you. Part 3 guides you to focus on your long-term goals and your mission in life. Often, people fail because they set their sights too low. By developing your long-term vision, you will sustain motivation and interest.

Part 4 provides you with thoughts and affirmation exercises designed to bring your values and vision into daily action, and build progress toward your life goals.

Music: Stevan Pasero, Christopher Bock