Healing Journey


This is the original Healing Journey, and it holds the distinction of being the first nationally published guided imagery experience, featuring music, nature sounds, and deep relaxation. Developed by Dr. Miller in the course of his 40 years practicing mind- body medicine, it remains a favorite more than 30 years later. In virtually every culture, music has been recognized as a way to create and catalyze healing, and the music in this program was composed by Raphael to complement the healing imagery and facilitate the healing process.  You will find a wide range of applications for Healing Journey, from simply easing a headache or muscle tension, speeding recovery from an acute illness, or dealing effectively with a chronic one. You may use it reduce acute or chronic anxiety or anger or in a hospital setting – to promote healing after surgery, or to help patients face a serious health challenge such as cardiac disease, cancer, or during the process of healing from surgery.



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Track Information

Track 1: The Healing Image 25:37
The Healing Image begins by guiding you into a deep state of relaxation. As pleasurable as this is, it is also a very specific training for the mind-body system. Thus = each time you listen you may go even deeper, thus improving the ability of your deeper mind and your body to receive, accept, and act on the suggestions and beautiful images that flow through your mind. The soothing voice and beautiful music then stimulate and guide you to create and evolve powerful mental imagery, the key to psychophysiological change. Deep within you will discover an inner healer, a healer you can call upon to help you transform the imbalance or illness of body, mind, emotions, or behavior. You will be guided to imagine the healing of your illness or dysfunction, using either realistic or symbolic imagery. You might, for example, visualize white corpuscles engulfing infectious bacteria,
radiation particles shaped like darts piercing and destroying cancer cells, or an ocean of love sweeping in and cleansing away all stress and other toxins. These techniques have become widely accepted in the years since they were first introduced by this program, but have never been presented more beautifully or succinctly than they are here.  The accompanying music was developed by Dr. Miller and Raphael over a period of seven years of working with people who were experiencing mental, physical, and emotional discomfort. For best results while overcoming a disease pattern, Track 1 should be experienced one to three times per day (or more, if desired). It may then be used from time to time to sustain health and wellness, or for a welcome stress break when you need it. Many people play it during therapeutic massage.

Track 2: Breathing Music 29:09
Breathing Music is a purely musical expression of the healing process composed by the unparalleled Raphael. It will take you through each of the phases of healing presented on Track 1, with solo violin, tamboura, bamboo flute and grand piano solos replacing the spoken guidance. You will find it of great value for expanding upon the imagery you developed on Track 1. It is also widely used for meditation, or for massage and other activities for which a serene, fluid, ambient aural background is appropriate.


Unlike the invasive approaches such as surgery or antibiotics, the focus of Healing Journey is to strengthen your body’s ability to respond effectively to the challenges of illness, imbalance, or dysfunction. Useful for any illness or imbalance, this program guides your mind, body, emotion and spirit into the healing state.  It will help enable you to discover deep healing, to create wholeness and wellness, and to awaken the experience of balance, strength, inspiration, and love.  Through the activation of critical mind-body pathways, and the concomitant creation of a positive mental attitude, it will help to awaken and empower the healing processes of your body. As you learn to soothe away stress, you remove obstacles to the natural healing ability with which you were born and which lies at the center of your being.

Use of this title is a most enjoyable way to:

  • Create and energize a future image of yourself completely healthy and well.
  • Dr. Miller’s voice at its beguiling best, woven into Raphael’s lovely musical tapestry
  • Nurture and support your inner journey.
  • Enhance your meditation or massage.
  • Let the carefully crafted images awaken your inner healer and guide nurturing energy to those parts of yourself that are stressed, ill, or out of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual balance.
  • Allow the beautiful, soothing guidance to help you visualize the healing regeneration of your body, mind, spirit and emotions.
  • Relax deeply in a safe place, gently awaken you inner healer, and guide healing energy to the parts of you that thirst for it.
  • Use this program for any illness or imbalance-physical, mental or emotional.
  • Help maintain a calm, relaxed state during recovery from major illness.
  • Learn imagery for everyday minor ailments, such as flu or muscle strain.
  • Enhance development of a healthy self-image.

Recommended use:

Use three to four times daily during illness or disease. May be used sporadically by people who are healthy to help with day-to-day minor problems.

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