Freedom From Within


This breakthrough program teaches inmates how to better handle the challenges of their incarceration and provides them with the options of inner peace and control of their minds and emotions. It features heart-to-heart talks by Dr. Miller, which include profoundly motivating insights from former inmates who have turned their lives around – expressed in their own voices. Then, through his calming, melodic voice, Dr. Emmett Miller guides listeners through healing strategies, including deep relaxation, guided imagery, meditative skills and soothing music. The goal is to help inmates retrain their minds, rescript their lives, and serve out their time peacefully and productively.

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Listeners will learn to view themselves in a self-affirming way, find the wise guide within, and use the secret of winners – being the best that one can be no matter what the circumstances.
Created by Dr. Emmett Miller and Kate Morgenstein, The Freedom From Within Program lays out a set of strategies for reducing the anger, despondency, and helplessness that most inmates feel.  This unique program serves as a nurturing road map to physical and mental wellness while in prison, and gives inmates a positive path toward embracing a fulfilling, crime-free life upon release.