All behaviour starts in the mind. Take charge of your life.

Overcome habits and addictions and get body, mind, and emotions to do what you want them to so that your thoughts and actions work in the service of your higher goals.

When you think of “˜behaviour’, you probably think of people doing physically visual things, like overworking, procrastinating, holding back what they really want to say or crying. But muscular activities aren’t the only behaviours that are important to us. Your thoughts, emotions, and images and even your beliefs are behaviours too. Think about it. All these behaviours are being orchestrated by your mind and your brain. To make a change, you need new “˜software’ for your mind.

Which of your behaviours do you want to change? Perhaps you eat or smoke too much, perhaps you lose your temper too often, or maybe you have trouble speaking up. Perhaps you want to change the way you behave in relationship to alcohol, drugs and cigarettes, or to eliminate phobic behaviours.

Dr. Miller’s voice will guide you through a powerful process for changing your behaviours and habits. The goal is to transform them into positive behaviours that support your life goals…

Smoke No More

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Finding Serenity Disc 2
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Finding Serenity: Overcoming Dependence And Co-Dependence

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Finding Serenity Disc 2
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Serenity Prayer

All behaviors are based on decisions made by the deeper mind. Use this beautiful tape every day, while you drive, to choose your wisest behavior. You will hear affirmations to

Sexual Intimacy (Dr. Miller Classic) – (MP3)

Lovely music and imagery support the voices of Dr. Miller and his wife, Sandra Miller, as they provide gentle, compassionate guidance for opening your heart and body to the beauty

Accepting Change and Moving On: Loss and Letting Go

Listen to a sample of Accepting Change and Moving On!

This program was developed after months of meditation on Tao Te Ching, the

Writing Your Own Script

Whatever the pattern in your life you would like to change, this program can help you do it. Distilled from many years of clinical experience, the experiences offered allow you

Permanent Weight Loss

On these programs, Dr. Miller, through the imagery, the music, and the quality of his voice, guides you in the discovery that deep relaxation, imagery, and affirmations can alter your

Imagine Yourself Slim

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I Am: Awakening Self-Acceptance

Listen to samples of I Am: Awakening Self-Acceptance!

As you explore this crucial step in the enhancement of your Self esteem, you will find

I Can: Achieving Self-Empowerment

Listen to samples of I Can: Achieving Self-Empowerment!

Your starting point is a felt sense of connection with your deeper Self (such as you

Letting Go Of Stress

The beautiful vocal performance, one of Dr. Miller's best, is enhanced by an exquisite, specially composed score performed by famed musician Stephen Halpern. No healing library is complete without this

Ten-Minute Stress Manager

This little jewel has proven itself time and again with businesspeople, students, performers, athletes, and others who have little time to find the relaxation they vitally need. Learn to quickly

Rainbow Butterfly (Dr. Miller Classic)

Listen to samples of Rainbow Butterfly

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Weight Loss Solution Suite

Permanent Weight Loss - Permanent Weight Loss offers a way to take charge of your mind and train your nervous system to use the powerful set of tools of deep