The Transformation of Deep Healing

The Transformation of Deep Healing

When we think of transformation, we think about “˜change’. But change can come in many different forms. To talk about actual transformation, you are talking about a metamorphosis. Not something that is “tacked on” in order to give the appearance of something new. For example, too many of us have resorted to “crash diets” so that we have the appearance of a “new you”. But a (usually) temporary change in appearance is not the same as transformation. If a person addressed the root cause of being overweight and slimmed down naturally (and permanently), as a result of that healing – then that would be a transformation!

Deep Healing is about transformation. A transformation that is achieved by looking beyond the “bubble of perception” that we have been taught to imprison ourselves in. When we’re trapped inside that bubble, the only thing we can see is a reflection of the things that we have been taught to see!

Mindivine offers a way to break free of that bubble and use the correct tools to understand and heal ourselves.

With the products that we offer at Mindivine, we can show you how to break free of habitual responses to what we perceive as negative stimuli. When we let go of habits and emotional attachments, that no longer serve us, we can allow our spirit to expand in the direction that it wished to travel. Most of us would be amazed and delighted if we truly understood where our spirit wishes us to go. It could be something as simple as letting go of a backache, today, to improving relationships with our family, this week, to serving our community (or humanity as a whole), this year. However, the only reason that we would be surprised, at all, is that we have learned to think in terms of limitations. Mindivine can help you remove that block.

The Pathway and Effects of Deep Healing

 Deep Healing has its origins within the recesses of our own mind. With the power that is seated there, we can draw upon our own resources in order to neutralize the toxic by-products of constant negatively-charged emotional indulgences and workaholic levels of activity. These toxic by-products come in the forms of; fear, rage, depression, fatigue, illness and others. With neutralization comes balance, peace and energy. Simply put, the thoughts we project engage our emotions and bodily functions.

We control all of this by our minds and, in many cases, our minds tend to control us.

Normally, if we allow our mind’s programming to run on autopilot, we will continue to play out negative scenarios over and over, like a poorly written soap opera. Fortunately, we can use certain tools to “switch channels” and begin a new phase in our mental and physical health. We offer these tools, here, at Mindivine.

It’s important to remember that the pathway to true health requires a coordination of every aspect of your physical and spiritual being. This includes; diet, mental outlook, work, play, human relationships and your connection to everything around you. Mindivine is devoted to helping you create that balance.