Results of Deep Healing

Results of Deep Healing

Deep Healing has a variety of symptomatic aspects that can be seen and felt by those who have experienced it. These aspects can be characterized by:
  • Overall physical health and well-being that resists the effects of aging.
  • Strengthened immune system that can ward off the effects of stress.
  • Serenity that is born from a sense of inner peace.
  • Positive emotional connections to others.
  • The ability to access a well-spring of creative expression. (it’s always been there)
  • Understanding the joy in life that comes with self-fulfilment.
  • An inwardly and outwardly perceivable balance between body, mind and spirit.
  • Mental focus and agility that surpasses what you may have experienced as a youth.
  • The healthy level of self-esteem that you deserve.
A deeper level of wisdom that can be a freely tapped form of spiritual awareness.

Healing Yourself Can Be Accomplished

Self-Healing can be accomplished through a combination of specific obtainable tools, the application of specific processes, deep relaxation techniques, the creation of imagery and, most importantly, the re-scripting of negatively-charged scenes that are played out, over and over at a psychological and spiritual level. The first step to Self-Healing is to place a halt to negative energy in order to set the proper environment for healing. This is done through Deep Relaxation.

With Deep Relaxation, we are accelerating the healing process while promoting permanent healing through its ability to work with every treatment method. Deep Relaxation is truly the first basic step in reaching the state of self-healing and self-awareness. Let’s take a closer look at this.

The things that lead to our entire physical, mental and spiritual states being out of synch and thus resulting in illness, depression, fatigue, etc. are directly related to neural (nerve) impulse and chemical imbalances in the body. These are caused by external and internal stressors which lead to:

  • Nerve and muscle tissue inflammation (arthritis, tendonitis, gastro-intestinal disorders, etc.)
  • Muscular aches and pains with seemingly no outward physical causes (chronic backaches, headaches, muscle spasms, etc.)
  • Elevation in blood pressure (high blood pressure)
  • Lack of mental focus (sleeplessness, low creativity levels, inability to concentrate)
  • Emotional dysfunctions (anger, chronic depression, anxiety)
  • Behavioral disorders (alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking, eating disorders)

With Deep Relaxation, the elements of everyday stress are no longer a factor in preventing you from achieving results from your healing therapies. With Mindivine, you can take that first step to reaching the level of well-being that begins with Deep Relaxation. On this website, we have the tools you need to begin your journey to Self-Healing. One of the most astounding things about Deep Relaxation is that most people will notice a startling improvement in just the initial phases of using this technique. Truly a testament to how important this element of healing can be in our lives.