The Path to Healing

The Path to Healing

In recent times, we have seen the effects of our increasingly complex technology and world issues and the strain that it has placed on those of us who are striving to find peace and purpose in our lives. At times, it would appear that our own technological resources have betrayed us on both a personal and global level. As we make our way through the trials of everyday life, there is always the nagging feeling that we need to seek a solution to the doubts and subsequent ailments that continually plague us. These feelings will always lead us to the same questions:

  • How can I achieve the physical, mental and spiritual health that I need to face life head-on and successfully meet its challenges?
  • How do I come to the realization of my true purpose in life? How do I use that purpose to guide my actions to achieve my life’s goals?
  • How do I re-direct the energy that I now use for stress, into the production of positive levels of accomplishment which leads to fulfilment?
  • How do I create a positive source of energy that will influence my relationships with my family, friends and colleagues?
  • How can I contribute my new energy to assist in the welfare of others in my life and ultimately, throughout the world?

These are the questions and challenges that can be answered through the processes of self healing and self realization. Through the guidance of Mindiivine’s products, you will be introduced to the concepts, training and strategies that have allowed Mr. Parker to be successful in assisting so many individuals who have sought the answers to these important questions.

The products that are offered here for your path to greater health and self-awareness are hand-picked by George Parker for Mindivine. Every item has been proven to be effective in its goal to help you make your way to where you should be in your life. Share the vision and commitment of George Parker and Mindivine and find out how you can benefit from the wealth of information that we can provide you.

How Do We Achieve Healing?

Healing is more than just the repair of an injury or illness. The derivation of the word “heal” relates to being made “whole”. The concept of healing a person, social environment, family unit or the world is directly related to bringing an entire system into that state of wholeness. This means that the individual units of that system moving into their proper position and functioning as they were intended to function. In this way, each unit correctly supports the whole system. This is true, whether we’re talking about a member of society or a single cell in the human body.

“How does this pertain to me?” is the question that most people ask. But the answer lies inside each of us. This is because “˜healing’ is a part of each of us and its characteristics are linked to “˜awareness’ and “˜balance’. These two things, once achieved, will allow us to understand that healing is more than just a return to normal function. “Healing” as applied to the entire person, family, community and world, deals with a balanced relationship between the mind, body, emotions and spirit. Mindivine will show you how to achieve this elusive balance.

What Do We Mean By Deep Healing?

Deep Healing is an even more powerful physical and spiritual concept that goes beyond an illness or other dysfunction. It reaches to the heart of any imbalance that can affect our emotional outlook, physical well-being, spiritual connections or social interactions.

With Deep Healing, you are asked to take a look beyond the superficial. The behaviours and symptoms that cause you discomfort or pain are the by-products of underlying pathology. A pathology that serves as a block to the health and goals that you are striving to achieve.

“Even with the best of intentions – if we don’t address the root of a problem, full productivity can never be realized.” Let us show you how to do this through Deep Healing.

The most exciting part of Deep Healing is that it is composed of an enjoyable set of mind/spirit tools that not only restore balance to your mind, body, emotions and spirit but, in many cases, their effects can be felt almost immediately. There is a tremendous joy in knowing that we’re on the right path. These are the kinds of results that Mindivine provides, with the products we offer.

What Are the Characteristics of Deep Healing?

When we look at Deep Healing at its most basic and minute level, we observe the detailed performance of the body’s cells working in harmony and at an optimal level. In this state, they serve to protect the body from illness and disease. Beyond that, they also provide a relief from stress that can translate to a sense of peace at the emotional and spiritual levels, as well. To those around us, it appears as a manifestation of vitality, strength, joy and personal freedom that can attract others with its charisma and leadership.