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Introduction to Dr. Emmet Miller

Dr. Emmett Miller’s work is being incorporated into a new MOVIE..


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Abolish Anxiety Now!

A complete self-healing program, presenting a fascinating new way to understand and treat all forms...


Escape From Depression

This program may be helpful, even crucial, in every form of depression. It weaves vital information...


Letting Go Of Stress

No wonder Letting Go of Stress is the world's most popular stress management CD! Several...


Healing Journey

This is the original Healing Journey, and it holds the distinction of being the first nationally...


Ten-Minute Stress Manager

This little jewel has proven itself time and again with businesspeople, students, performers,...


Easing Into Sleep

Discover how you can make a difference through passion, compassion and love. In your heart is the...


Optimal Performance

Learn the "master skill" of peak performance, applicable to any area of life: athletic competition,...


Serenity Prayer

All behaviors are based on decisions made by the deeper mind. Use this beautiful tape every day,...


Welcome to Mindivine

Too often, we coast along the course of life without any real consciousness of the profound, miraculous nature of what we really are. We are fantastic inventions -bodies, minds, intricate and divine machinery of amazing complexity. If thehuman body came with a user manual, its volumes would fill oceans.

But-for better or worse-we enter this world with no manual, no warranty, and no complimentary tech support. At Mindivine, we want to give you the next best thing.

Mind-Body Medicine

In partnership with Dr. Emmet Miller, MD, a pioneer of what the medical community now calls Mind-Body Medicine, we wish to offer you all of the tools and skills you’ll need to access and manipulate the coded connections between your body and mind. This might sound like science fiction, but rest assured-it’s science fact.

Dr. Miller’s Work

If you’re a sceptic, we get it. At Mindivine, so are we. That’s why we’d like for you to give us the chance to prove to you that the effects of Mind-Body Medicine are not only clinically significant-they are undeniable. These therapies include meditation, self-hypnosis, guided imagery, deep relaxation, and spiritual/ideological development.

We hope you’ll look at our extensive collection of Dr. Miller’s carefully crafted audio resources via our Symptom Finder sidebar. He’s spent years of work and a lifetime of education honing these resources, each specially designed to harness and influence the communications between mind and body to alleviate a particular element of suffering.

Please also consider looking at his critically acclaimed book Deep Healing, which explains in-depth the scientific foundations of his programmes. We are the exclusive online storefront for Dr. Miller’s products in Australia-a testament to our deep belief in the effectiveness of these resources

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To learn more about Mindivine now, check out our Mission and About Self Healing pages, or feel free to contact us with any question or comments. To find out about the founder of Mindivine, George Parker, ND, check out his bio page.


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